About Us

Preparing a people for a prepared place

A vision born out of this encounter with the Lord and with Rom. 13:11-14 as the anchor scripture.

How it started

Fountain of Grace Ministries was born on Sunday, 8th March 1992. This was as a result of a divine encounter the visioner – Rev. Solomon Adebara, had with the Lord in December 1991 at a place called Ebuebule in Abia State, Nigeria; while on a vacation with his wife and partner Pastor (Mrs.) Titilola Adebara in the company of one of their friends.

Raising virile, strong, godly families for the purpose of winning the world family by family.

Our church

We are a family church raising godly fathers, mothers, children and other third parties. We raise fathers to become visionary leaders in their homes and mothers to become pillars of generations. We raise our boys and girls to become real men and women of impact and influence in their generation. We turn each home into God’s platform to reach other families. We work with families to save the world family by family. We exist to fulfill the great commission and the great commandment through preaching and preparing people for a prepared place. We minister to the whole world using all possible means to reach the lost and turn them to the Lord. We seek to make men love God passionately and to love others thus turning them into instruments in God’s hands to reach the world.


We believe that the family is a sacred institution (the oldest institution on earth) designed by God as the cradle to raise seeds of eternity to fulfill His purpose. We therefore focus on the family and raise each member to be balanced New Testament believers.


Our children’s ministry is anchored by a group of fervent and dedicated children evangelists driven by a strong passion to build future leaders using Spirit-breathed and well-articulated curriculum that specialises in nurturing each child along his/her own unique learning path for development both mentally and spiritually.


Our Teens Church is a forum to build strong personalities that are sound in God’s Word, able to discern between good and evil, and strong enough to overcome the evil one in their generation and who are equipped and empowered to serve God's purpose for their lives, whether in church or in society. We raise boys and girls to be godly men and women who fulfill the great commission and the great commandment.

Young Adults

We have a mandate from God to build capacity in young adults in areas of excellence, leadership, and spiritual understanding using the Word of God. Thus, we have fellowship forums where we learn God’s Word together and learn from each other under the leading of the Holy Spirit on how to be strong in the Lord and continuously overcome the devil through the abiding Word of God in us. Our fellowship emphasizes individual edification to be strong, young individuals capable of transforming their communities within the context of the corporate growth of the fellowship. We are an ever-advancing army of strong, young people who have the Word of God indwelling them both individually and corporately and able to replicate themselves in other young people.

Senior Citizens

We have a fellowship of saints aged 60 years above called Senior Citizens Forum. This platform ministers to the elderly by continuously pointing them to Jesus. It has an operational system of helping senior citizens develop and be established in the culture of personal communion with God, living a flourishing life at old age and preparing for a glorious life in eternity with God. This includes the following.
  • 1. PRAYER CELLS: Special early morning prayer cell meetings for senior citizens.
  • 2. ADVANCED PRAYER COURSE: A 3-month and a 6-month intensive Intercessory Plan for senior citizens.
  • 3. BIBLE STUDY GUIDES: Customised prayer and bible study devotionals for senior citizens.
  • 4. AGING GRACEFULLY: A health program helping senior citizens live healthily in old age.
  • 5. FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SEMINARS: This is targeted at helping senior citizens to flourish in old age.
  • 6. EMOTIONAL HEALING & RECONCILIATION CLINIC: These are clinics on forgiveness and reconciliations.
  • 7. PREPARATION FOR ETERNITY: Practical Bible Courses helping senior citizens prepare for eternity.